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About Melior

We are a high-service website design and development company in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. We are business owners. Helpers. Thinkers.

Our Story

We started in 2014 when Ed Burns was getting ready to graduate college. He was doing 1099 work for marketing firms and started to pick up clients. He went to a lawyer-friend (yes, it is possible to be friends with lawyers) and incorporated Melior Marketing, LLC.

We started as a website design and development company and became a six-figure business in our first year, when we also made our first hire. We expanded into email marketing and focused on our Constant Contact Partnership. Soon, clients asked us to run their social media accounts and we quickly cut our teeth on Facebook marketing and Ad Management as well as content creation.

Josh Kleckner came on board sometime around his birthday in early 2016. He rocked at solving client and technical problems. That year we also joined as a HubSpot partner so we could offer a full marketing automation platform to our clients.

Time went on. We gained a lot of clients and lost a few, too. We added value wherever we could. We weren’t perfect, but we made it a point to learn from our mistakes. We grew.

2019 rolled around and Ed started getting some offers to buy the business. We talked with some other agencies and technology companies. Ed decided to sell and struck a deal in November of 2019.

December brought a few calls from disgruntled clients. January 2020 brought more client complaints, but no movement. February we were inundated with calls, but still no movement. Time for action.

Ed sat down with Josh and asked, “Are you willing to help me get this fixed; and if so, would you like to own it?”

Josh sipped his beer slowly, “Okay.”

Josh and Ed worked like maniacs to clean up their mess and make the clients happy. It took most of 2020 to make it happen, but happen it did. We got the business back from an absolute dumpster-fire to more profitable and higher service levels than ever before.

Josh Kleckner became the owner of Melior in early 2021.

Our story might not be sexy, but it’s ours, and we’re sticking to it.






The team at Melior is easy to work with and very responsive to our needs. They redesigned our website and made it easier to use and find what you are seeking.

Beth A.

I love working with the Melior team. Their customer service is exceptional. There has not been one occasion where they couldn’t assist me with an issue. If anything, they went above and beyond to help!

Lynn P.

I contacted Melior for help with my business. They were very responsive and did a wonderful job. They got my business accounts and website connected to Google and did other various jobs for my social media accounts. I will definitely use them in the future!

Susan B.