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Melior (adj.) Latin – better

What we do

We build beautiful websites, fix broken websites, restore hijacked and hacked websites, provide incredible hosting, help people get found online, and drink good beer. 

Our mission is to leave everything better than we found it. 

Client experience is very important to us. We answer emails, return phone calls, and are transparent about our pricing and processes. We want to build long-term relationships, not make a quick buck.

How we do it

We do things the right way. We take the time to explain what we do for our clients. We learn our clients’ businesses and find ways to use websites to achieve goals, improve profitability, and build relationships.

Why we do it

It feels good when something is done right. 

We are driven to make the world a better place, but we know that starts with our little corner of the world. If we help a small business owner become more profitable, the world is better. When we help a non-profit start raising money through the internet, we’ve helped them to become more impactful in their mission. 

We like when other people become more successful. We get excited to talk with people pursuing a dream.

If we can help with that, then we’ve had a fantastic, purpose-driven day.